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March 9, 2011

Bill Kyle sets new year high by collecting a 844/287

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Bill Kyle had the hot hand in Wilson’s Monday Men’s League, starting with a 279 game, then following with a 278 and finishing it off with a 287 for an 844 total.

Congratulations on the year’s high for the area.

Scott Hixenbaugh was next high for the week at that center, rolling 719/247.

At The Bowler, Nathan Lowery’s 751/258 was the highest, followed by Darren Durbin’s 738/258. Eric Bittner rolled a 280 game in his 708 set and Justin Richards scored a 289 game in his 702 set.

Chad Gable’s 742/268 was White Oak’s high for the week. Derek Yates posted a big 289 game and a 719 set for second place. Seth Friend had a 290 game in his 686 set.

At Rainbow Lanes, Jim Cox bowled a 733/275 score for that center’s weekly high. Tim Chapman rolled 722/268 and was next high. Jeremiah Howsare scored 721/258 for Sherwood’s high, followed by Ryan Knieriem’s 668/236.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Bobby Lannon bowled a 278 game and 655 set for the week’s high. Chad Gable and Joe Mullenax were next, Gable scoring 646/219 and Mullenax rolling 644/235.

Georganne Morris was the week’s top lady bowler, scoring 621/246 at White Oaks. Vicki Coughlin followed, rolling 610/234.

Pam Brinkman and Dee Self were the top ladies at Rainbow. Brinkman bowled 576/227 and Self rolled 546/225.

Dawn House was highest of the ladies at The Bowler, scoring 562/215. Lori Fetters was next, rolling 531/215.

Julie Greene’s 553/211 was the ladies high for the week at Wilson Lanes. Chic Haines was next high, rolling 538/199.

Alice Monahan rolled 550/200 at Sherwood Lanes.

Senior George Gilmore scored 592/206 at The Bowler and Brad Deter rolled 494/181 at White Oaks.

Ryan Diehl was the top youth bowler, scoring 680/268 at The Bowler. Dylan Bean bowled 607/227 at White Oaks. Michael Bane rolled 585/209 at Rainbow and Jeff Hixenbaugh rolled 562/226 at Wilson Lanes. Danny Walch scored 543/211 at Sherwood.

The youth bowlers had adjustment problems at the Youth High Average (Invitational) Tournament at Potomac Lanes in Moorefield last weekend. The top two or three highest averages for the boys and the girls from each local bowling center competed scratch by bowling five games on five different lane pairs. The two top girls and two top boys will advance to the state competition at Perry Hall in Aberdeen on March 30.

The winning girls were Mystie Benson in first place, scoring 782/179 (five game total/highest game); Brittany Holtscheider, second, rolling 708/157; and Kyle Humbertson, alternate, scoring 675/147.

The winning boys were Tanner Smith, first place, bowling 1011/246; Danny Walch scoring, second place, 921/225; and Jeremy Kunis, alternate, rolling 906/.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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