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January 8, 2012

Shirey, Yates both 785/300

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Corey Shirey rolled a perfect game and a set total of 785 at The Bowler in the Friday Night County League. Derek Yates scored exactly the same 785/300 in Rainbow’s Civic League. Both of these bowlers have rolled previous 300’s.

Yates and Shirey also tied for the week’s top score in the area. C.P. Sines followed Yates at Rainbow, scoring 754/279 and Brad Burr was next high at The Bowler, rolling 740/259.  Jeremy Benson bowled a 288 game in his 619 set also at The Bowler.

Troy Smith was highest at White Oaks, bowling 728/259. Seth Friend was next high, rolling 725/256.

Bob Greene’s 724/258 was the top score at Wilson Lanes, followed by a 692/240 rolled by Chuck Parsons.

Gary Monahan bowled 669/234, the high mark for the week at Sherwood Lanes. Jason Clark’s 662/246 was next high.

In the PBA Experience League at White Oaks, Mike Brobst led the scoring, rolling 735/267. Troy Cubbage and Jeremiah Howsare were next, scoring 693/234 and 654/227 respectively.

Jack Klosterman scored 650/236 for the senior high at The Bowler. Sandy Baier rolled 509/205, also at The Bowler, while Jim Edmands scored 592/211 at White Oak Lanes.

Only a couple youth scores — Matthew Clark scored 630/245 at The Bowler and Brent Schofield rolled 541/200 at Rainbow Lanes.

The Holiday Baker tournament held at Rainbow Lanes on Friday, Jan. 30 was a fun tourney and was a great experience for the youth. The tournament also showed that the youth bowlers’ major problem is making spares.

The girls actually did better at spare shooting than the boys. Why? Because most of the girls throw a straight ball rather than the hooking ball thrown by most of the boys. The result was that the girls didn’t have to worry about the oil pattern and the changes (breaking down, carry down, other bowlers on the same line etc.), so they made their normal spares.

The boys had no clue about what the lane would do to their hooking ball and, thus, missed many spares. The boys also left many splits because of those same problems with the oil changes.

Youth bowlers need to know how to throw a straight ball if they want to improve. The hooking ball is important to get more strikes, but it should never be used for single or double-pin spare shots. Practice on trying to throw a straight ball. It helps the learning process to practice throwing a backup ball.

The wrist control is critical to throwing an accurate straight ball. Work on it in practice until you can rely on it.

Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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