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November 27, 2010

Ron Fatkin’s 781/268 is week’s high

Howard "Pete" Peterson, Columnist
Cumberland Times-News

— Ron Fatkin had the top score in the local area bowling two 700’s and the week’s high of 781. Corey Shirey followed rolling 757/268.

At White Oaks, Jack Hendershot was highest scoring 756/260. Mike Brobst was next rolling 747/277.

Dave Richards was highest for the week at Sherwood bowling 676/256. Robbie Knieriem and Gary Monahan were next high Knieriem scoring 659/242 and Monahan rolling 659/241.

Rick High’s 673/245 was the weekly high at Rainbow Lanes. Kevin Mansfield was next a couple pins back scoring 671/257.

In the PBA Experience League, Mike Brobst led that sport league bowling 630/223. Chad Gable and Joe Mullenax were next scoring 618/219 and 604/254 respectively.

Nancy Yates was the area’s top lady bowler for the week rolling 649/237 in the Friday Gems League at The Bowler. Vicki Coughlin was next rolling 633/223.

Stephanie Hawley’s 621/243 was the top ladies score at White Oaks. Autumn Gable and Deb Grove were next each rolling 552 sets. Gable’s high game was 224 and Grove’s was 201.

Anna Durst was the top lady at Sherwood bowling 601/176.

Fran Cuthbertson’s 521/180 was Rainbow’s high for the ladies. Dee Self was next rolling 512/179.

Brad Deter was the area’s top senior rolling 562/200 at White Oak Lanes. Stan Teets scored 558/209 at The Bowler and Karen Rexrode rolled 486/178. Jean Coleman bowled a 171 game at Sherwood.

Daniel Walch was the area’s top youth bowler for the week scoring 657/258 at The Bowler. Matt Riley was close behind at that center rolling 649/248. At Sherwood, Randy Knieriem bowled 572/222 and Ali Eller rolled 514/179. Tanner Smith Bowled 569/206 at White Oak Lanes and Michael Bane scored 489/189 at Rainbow Lanes.

Most bowlers want to improve their game but few do the right things to accomplish that goal. The most effective way to increase your average is to bowl so that you leave makeable spares and then make those spares. By spending practice time working on a good spare shooting plan and also concentrating on making an accurate shot at different spare combinations, you will improve your average. The concentration on your shot should also improve your overall accuracy by trying on every spare shot to hit that single pin dead center. Half board adjustments should also be considered especially for cross alley spare shots. Above all, practice often and ignore the scoring during that practice. Work to a plan and expect improvement. Good luck bowling and have fun striking out!

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