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February 26, 2009

Cleanup, fix-up will be early

The Day of Caring and Sharing in Cumberland and Frostburg will be held several months early this year.

Usually held in September, the event has been moved to Saturday, May 2, in Frostburg, and Friday, June 5, in Cumberland.

Hundreds of volunteers fan out in the two cities to conduct cleanup and fix-up projects.

Individuals or groups interested in helping may contact Michele Walker at or Marilyn McKenzie at

Daylight-saving time returns next Sunday at 2 a.m. when clocks are set forward one hour.

The change will save national energy use 1 percent per day, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

By moving clocks forward one hour, the sun sets one hour later, decreasing the time between when the sun goes down and when most people go to bed. Since one-fourth of a household’s energy is used in the evening when it is dark, DST is aimed at minimizing energy use during those peak hours....

Although the former Value City building in Cumberland remains vacant, the one in Altoona, Pa., has found a new use. Altoona Alliance Church is planning to occupy the former store on Pleasant Valley Boulevard....

Only three West Virginia counties have a chance to meet the 180-day mark for school instruction this school year, according to state officials. Kanawha, Berkeley and Hardy counties appear to be on schedule for meeting the quota, while the other 49 counties will fall short because of weather-related closures.

Gov. Joe Manchin is proposing more flexibility for counties to meet the 180-day mark by removing the mandated Aug. 26 start-up and June 8 end dates for schools....

Gov. Martin O’Malley is supporting a bill that could bring speed cameras to a location near you.

The legislation would have the cameras installed in work-zones and on expressways and highways across the state with speed limits of at least 45 miles per hour limits. The motivation is not only safety, but money. Last year, speed cameras brought in more than $2 million in extra revenue in Montgomery County.

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Jan Alderton - Opinion
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