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Jim Goldsworthy - Anything and Everything

Jim Goldsworthy - Anything and Everything
  • Those shoes would have matched the hair

    He was old. A graybeard, he was walking slowly and carefully, but with pride.

    You might think he’d seen better days, but you’d be wrong. He was living the best days of his life, and you could tell that by the way he behaved. He was one of about 400 rescued greyhounds whose owners brought them to Gettysburg, and some of them came to visit with Capt. Gary and First Sgt. Goldy at Little Round Top. He and the others had grown too old, too slow or too lame for people to make money betting upon, and kind-hearted humans saved them from being put down.

    May 11, 2014

  • They’re a lot like us, but don’t get cold

    Because I am a professional newspaperman, I occasionally run across items that qualify for my list of Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Heard. (I quit adding to it long ago because of its unmanageable size.) One of the most memorable Dumbest Things I’ve Ever Heard was this: “Why doesn’t America make Canada the 51st state?” This implies a level of ignorance that would be incomprehensible to most people, but it actually applies to a conversation I had with one of the Canadians that Capt. Gary and I met during our recent Gettysburg campaign.

    May 4, 2014

  • They may have found a way to skirt that issue

    The media — what used to be called “the press” — eventually take note of what most folks of mature age and experience already have noticed: Times have changed.

    April 26, 2014

  • Think it’s not a small world? You’re wrong

    Yes, you read that right in the paper a couple of weeks ago. I covered a wedding as a newspaper reporter. I’ve retired from doing regular stories because my primary duties lie elsewhere, and I don’t have the time or mental energy for it. But I agreed to do it for a couple of reasons, one of which goes back more than 40 years. The former proprietor of The Famous North End Tavern told me about a wedding that was to take place at the Lions Center for Rehabilitation and Extended Care, where his wife works.

    April 20, 2014

  • You’ll never guess who the real hero was (He was six feet tall and bulletproof)

    Most folks know about the 20th Maine’s bayonet charge that repulsed the Rebels at Little Round Top because they watched the movie, “Gettysburg.”
    Capt. Gary and First Sgt. Goldy post ourselves a hundred yards or so away from where it happened in real life. Tourists frequently ask us how to find it.

    April 13, 2014

  • Who knows how many times she poisoned him?

    My dad used to say that if tobacco and coffee tasted as good as they smelled, the world would be a better place.

    April 5, 2014

  • Lew who? He’s a man we should remember

    If I could travel back in time (physically, anyway), there are places I’d love to visit.

    March 29, 2014

  • You zig to the left and then zig to the right

    I try to tell people the newspaper contains a wealth of useful — and sometimes vital — information, but few of them listen to me.

    March 22, 2014

  • You’re by yourself, but not really alone

    Whatever it is — or whoever — it has an affinity for doors, stairways and electronic gadgets that act up for no apparent reason.

    March 15, 2014

  • If you can sleep well at night, here’s why

    One of my companions excused herself and said she wanted to go to the toilet and wash her hands before our lunch arrived.

    March 8, 2014

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