Cumberland Times-News

October 30, 2012

Garrett County slammed by Sandy

Jeffrey Alderton
Cumberland Times-News

— MCHENRY —Veteran Maryland State Police Detective Sergeant has lived though a lot of hard winters and heavy snows, but Hurricane Sandy and Monday’s blizzard took everything to a new level.

“It’s the worst I have ever seen. It’s a mess up here — power is out, trees are down all over the place, roads are impassable, snow plows are getting hung up. Words can’t eve describe it,” said Vincent upon answering the telephone late Tuesday morning at the McHenry barrack.

Up to 2 1/2 feet of snow fell throughout the county although no life-threatening emergencies were reported throughout the storm.

Snow continued to fall shortly before noon, promoting a word of caution.

“It’s still snowing. We have extra people out and the National Guard is here to help us with any emergency transports. But people need to stay off the roads. Don’t come out if you can help it. Give the county and the state a chance to clear the roads. If you have to come out, use caution. You never know when a tree is coming down. Make sure it’s worth your life before you leave,” said Vincent. 

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