Cumberland Times-News

November 15, 2012

ATK layoffs confirmed

Fifty employees notified of ‘work force reduction’

Matthew Bieniek
Cumberland Times-News

— ROCKET CENTER, W.Va. — A new round of layoffs has been confirmed at the Allegany Ballistics Laboratory.

The company notified 50 employees Thursday “that they will be part of a work force reduction,” according to an email from Kristin Vick, the manager, communications ATK Missile Products Division.

“The reduction is due to the completion of production on several programs and will not impact ongoing production programs,” Vick said. The total ATK work force at Rocket Center is approximately 1,270 employees. That’s down from about 1,350 before layoffs in the spring, which included some voluntary layoffs.

 “ATK made every effort to minimize the number of employees impacted. We appreciate the contributions and service of these employees, and consistent with our company values, we treated each person with dignity and respect,” Vick wrote Thursday.

In the spring, employees were asked to volunteer for layoffs before mandatory layoffs might be ordered. About 40 of the 150 workers participated in the voluntary layoff plan, company officials said at the time.

The Times-News recently reported that preliminary site work was ongoing at the facility, but company officials are not discussing specifics. The company works primarily to supply munitions to the U.S. military.

ABL is a U.S. Navy-owned, ATK-operated facility specializing in advanced manufacturing technologies for a variety of programs supporting current and future U.S. industrial base needs in conventional munitions assemblies, advanced electronic fuzing and integration, solid rocket motor propulsion and advanced material structures.

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