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April 3, 2013

Man gets 10 years in sexual abuse of minor, 10

From Staff Reports
Cumberland Times-News

— OAKLAND — A 42-year-old man from Corriganville was sentenced recently in Garrett County Circuit Court to 10 years in the Maryland Division of Correction for sexual abuse of a minor, with three years suspended. He will be on probation upon release from prison.

The name of the defendant was withheld by the Garrett County’s state’s attorney in an attempt to protect the identity of the victim.

Following a school health class on issues relating to personal safety and “good touch vs. bad touch” the 10-year-old victim had disclosed that a person regularly staying in her home had touched her inappropriately a number of times from January to May of last year.  

Investigators with the Department of Social Services and Maryland State Police interviewed the girl, the suspect and other witnesses, leading to charges filed in May.  

The defendant appeared in circuit court in January and entered his plea. Sentencing had been postponed for a presentence investigation report to be completed.

Also in circuit court, Kristi Jo Bliss, 33, Friendsville, was sentenced to 15 years in the Division of Correction for first-degree burglary and 10 years in the Division of Correction for conspiracy to commit second-degree burglary, to run concurrently with each other.  She was also given an 18-month suspended sentence, to run consecutively, for theft and ordered to pay restitution to all victims.     

Maryland State Police charged Bliss with a series of burglary and thefts that occurred in the Accident area in February.

The conspiracy to commit second–degree burglary stems from Bliss and co-defendant Brian Vanbogelen entering a storage building of a business and stealing firearms. When some of those guns were recovered by police, the trail led back to Vanbogelen and Bliss.

Around the same time, owners of two nearby residences also reported burglaries. Bliss pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary of a house along Sam Friend Road that were entered and from which the pair stole a television.

She pleaded guilty to theft for stealing tools and other household items from a second residence along Sam Friend Road that was entered by Vanbogelen.

Jeremiah Ray Reckner, 23, Frostburg (Garrett County), pleaded guilty in two separate matters. In the first, he pleaded guilty to driving on a suspended license and making a false statement to a police officer. For the traffic charge, he was sentenced to one year and one day in the Division of Correction and ordered to pay fines and costs of $545. A concurrent 60-day sentence was imposed for the false statement charge.

In November, Reckner was stopped by a Maryland State Police trooper who saw him driving on Lower New Germany Road and recognized him as a person whose privilege to drive was suspended.

After his vehicle was stopped, Reckner provided to the trooper false information as to his name and date of birth, providing those of a relative. Once his identity and the status of his license were confirmed, Reckner was arrested and charged.

In the second matter, Reckner pleaded guilty to theft less than $1,000. Related charges were dismissed upon his plea.

In this case, Reckner was sentenced to 18 months in the Division of Correction, to run consecutively to the one year and one day sentence.  He was ordered to pay $360 in restitution.

Reckner was charged by Maryland State Police in December after an Accident business man reported two checks had been cashed and cleared his account that were apparently stolen, as he had not written them out nor authorized their use. The bank confirmed Reckner, who had worked for the victim, was the person who had cashed those checks, totaling $360.