Cumberland Times-News

July 6, 2013

New manager at FrostburgFirst

Assistant also appointed to Maryland Main Street program

Angie Brant
Cumberland Times-News

— FROSTBURG — In early June, FrostburgFirst, a Maryland Main Street program, welcomed a new manager and assistant manager, Christine Werner and Daniel Witter, respectively. Werner replaces Maureen Brewer, who has accepted another position.

Barbara Armstrong, FrostburgFirst president, said, “It’s difficult to lose the talents of a Maureen Brewer at a very busy time of year. Our Main Street manager wears many hats and connects the dots for many of the businesses and  events in Frostburg. The board of directors felt that we needed a new manager sooner rather than later and we felt we could call on the proven passion and creativity of Chris and Daniel, and we are moving forward at a wonderful pace.”

Both Werner and Witter share a deep and abiding love for their community, a love they believe will translate into important changes and improvements throughout Frostburg.

“They did not have the advantage of any transition time, but due to their familiarity with Frostburg and the area businesses and organizations, they are ahead of the curve. We looked at our budget very carefully to determine if we could afford the luxury of both a manager and an assistant manager,” Armstrong said.

“Chris, a retired teacher, is a strong organizer with a creative streak. She brings maturity, connectivity and a fresh pair of eyes to our program. She has familiarized herself with the national, state and local Main Street programs, organized the office, and met with many of our local partners. Daniel likes to think outside the box. He brings energy and today’s technology to the table.”

One of the first changes Werner has implemented has been to begin calling the non-profit organization, FrostburgFirst.

In previous years, the organization has also been known as the Frostburg Main Street program, but Werner is hoping the new designation will better reflect her goals and philosophy.

“My goal is to do everything I can to help every business in Frostburg, all the way from one end to the other,” she said. “We want to be as inclusive as we can.”

The program continues to be a community-driven program, networking with grassroots-based revitalization organizations, state and citywide coordinating programs and the National Trust Main Street Center.

Werner and Witter have long been advocates of the many opportunities and sense of diversity evident within the community, and agree that FrostburgFirst is the perfect vehicle in which to promote all that makes Frostburg a special place to live and visit.

A Frostburg State University alumna, Werner has played an integral role in the organization and implementation of several community events and activities, including the Frostburg Bicentennial and Shamrock Shuffle. She is an active community volunteer and has assisted various businesses with marketing projects.

As a former educator, Werner has a firm understanding or the value of partnerships and would like to work establish more ties within the the community, between residents, business owners, nonprofits and Frostburg State University.

“We are all in this together and working together and we can accomplish so much,” she explained. “FrostburgFirst is here  for everyone who lives and or works here. Our goal is to get as many people as possible to work together for the common good of the whole community.    And I am confident that we can accomplish that goal.”

Witter also has an extensive background in community service, working as the AmeriCorps representative for Foundation for Frostburg. He has also helped create and organize several community outreach programs and volunteer opportunities in Frostburg.

“We have many cultural opportunities in Frostburg —  dance, drama, literature, music and so much more and we would like to highlight all that we have to offer,” Witter said. “Our goal is to improve what we already have here, while highlighting who we are and our roots.”

“Chris and I share an inner passion to do everything we can to better this community,” he said.

Witter called this new role a “life changing role. We may not know exactly what we are getting into but we are determined to make some positive changes.”

Armstrong said Frostburg-First members are confident that the organization will continue to thrive with the leadership of Werner and Witter.

“They are both ‘people’ people. Add in their heart and their desire to make Frostburg a great place to live, work, and play, and we think we have a winning combination.”

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