Cumberland Times-News

March 7, 2014

Off-duty firefighter aids in department’s quick response

Jeffrey Alderton
Cumberland Times-News

— CUMBERLAND — An alert, off-duty city firefighter was credited Thursday for aiding the Cumberland Fire Department in its quick response to a reported structure fire in the North End of the city.

 Lt. Tim Malone, a 27-year veteran of the department, was driving along North Mechanic Street in the 700 block just before 1 p.m. when he observed light, white smoke filtering out from the top of a two-story residence at the front and back of one side of the double residence.

Capt. William R. Davis directed more than a dozen city firefighters who responded to the incident following alert by the Allegany County 911 center.

“It was good that Lt. Malone was driving by at the time and observed the smoke. The sooner we can get here the sooner we can take care of the problem,” said Davis.

After dousing the fire in a woodburner stove, firefighters found the flue clogged, causing smoke to extend from the flue’s metal insert into the attic area.

The duplex property was occupied and residents were evacuated by Cumberland Police officers just prior to firefighters’ arrival.

There were no injuries and no damage was reported.

The residence where the incident occurred was equipped with working smoke detectors. They did not activate since the smoke was present at a level above their location.

City firefighters were especially ready for the emergency call when the alert was sounded. “We were getting ready to go to training at 1 o’clock,” said Davis.

Bowling Green, Ridgeley and Cresaptown volunteer companies were placed on standby during the incident.

Cresaptown Ambulance handled one ambulance call in the city while two city ambulances were at the fire scene. The response was for a medical emergency at a nursing home.

Cumberland firefighters were on the call for about an hour. Traffic in the area of the Mechanic and Centre streets intersection was controlled by Allegany County Fire Police.

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