Cumberland Times-News

November 8, 2013

Man accused of child abuse resulting in death applies for marriage license with baby’s mom

Medical examiner determined that 18-month-old girl had bleeding on the brain caused by blow to head

Cumberland Times-News

— ROMNEY, W.Va. — After Cory Orndorff of Green Spring posted bail for being charged with child abuse resulting in death, he and the child’s mother applied for a marriage license at the Hampshire County Clerk’s Office.

Hampshire County prosecuting attorney Dan James asked Magistrate Shirley Timbrook to increase bail on Orndorff to a half million dollars during this week’s preliminary hearing.

Orndorff’s attorney, Jonathan Brill, asked that the bail be reduced.

Timbrook refused to grant the requests and the bail remained at $150,000.

On Monday, Orndorff posted bail and is out of jail, Sonja Embry, circuit clerk said.

Orndorff, 22, was arrested in October and charged with child abuse resulting in death and two counts of abuse to 18-month-old Leah Grace Barnes, with the alleged abuse resulting in injury after authorities received preliminary autopsy results from the West Virginia Medical Examiner’s Office.

At the time police said there were visible injuries to the child.

Orndorff and Brooklyn N. Barnes, the mother of Leah Barnes, applied for a marriage license at the county clerk’s office Thursday.

One of the issues that surfaced during the court hearing was that Orndorff admitted biting the child because, he said, she bit him first.

Orndorff was alone with the child Oct. 18 when the mother went to work.

He admitted he shook the child and accidentally stepped on her. He also told police that he had hit her head on a doorframe while carrying her, which apparently made the child vomit.

The baby-sitter later found the child unresponsive and called 911.

The cause of death determined by the medical examiner was bleeding on the brain due to a blow to the back of the head.

Timbrook said the case would be reviewed by the grand jury, which is scheduled for Jan. 7.