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March 5, 2014

How can we respect a religion when it subjugates women?

In 1649, Maryland was the first colony to enact the first law ever to guarantee the right of worship regardless of its Christian denomination.

Today, 42 percent of the people in Maryland are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. However, our past 365 years is filled with denominational struggle for power over man, land and beast.

 Throughout recorded human history there is no question that we have paid a terrible price for the faith of others. No matter what perceived benefits, real or imagined, one might get from depending on belief to sustain their daily lives, the combined effect of, not just religion but “faith-dependency” itself, has done far more harm than good.

 When you factor in the arrogance of missionaries who claim that everyone is a child of “God” and “He” has a plan for us, they are in-as-much telling humanity that they have no choice in the matter. In their view, you are a child of god, he has a plan for you — whether you like or not — and that’s that.

 Since we are not trained to recognize that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are fundamentally one religious ship-of-state, the destructive in-fighting can never go away between what is essentially a single monolithic father-centered family of believers.

 Additionally, by convincing their followers that their particular denomination is in fact the true religion, who worships the true god, there can never be peace on this earth. Indeed, faith of our fathers has been and remains one of the most divisive and dangerous forces in human behavior.

But the real horror is that because Judaism, Christianity and Islam are steadfastly patriarchal, the resultant single-greatest “holocaust” known to man is the story of women.

What human being, man or woman, with any sense of decency could enable and perpetuate these pathological religions?

 Moreover, how can this religious ship-of-state command the respect and adherence of women when it subjugates women, treats them like chattel, biblically condemns them as “unclean,” subjects them to unspeakable abuse, and trashes them as second-class citizens, or worse?

 What is more, the most troubling dynamic is the ongoing history of women being unable to breakaway. In the modern era, women may be urged to try and change from within, but few women cut themselves loose from the collective of patriarchal religions.

 Until women can rise from kneeling to a man-god mythos and assert her rightful and equal place, gendercide will be with us for a long time.

David Crockett


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