Cumberland Times-News

June 9, 2013

Township is nothing like either Pittsburgh or Philadelphia

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

CUMBERLAND — I would like to respond to Mr. Runion (“Taxpayers will no longer foot the bill, and things may improve,” June 7 Times-News).

I have never met Mr. Runion in my life, but obviously he must think he knows something about me. Mr. Runion, I have patience, as does many others in Beans Cove.

Traffic has increased, but thankfully it has not been significant. I chose where I want to shop. I shop in both Maryland and Pennsylvania. Obviously you suggest that all Pennsylvania residents shop and work in Pennsylvania.

 I am totally unaware I had “required” attendance at township meetings. I know the township supervisors and I talk with them “one on one” if I have a problem, which is very seldom.

The bicyclists, for the most part, are courteous riders. I give them plenty of room and watch diligently for them. But there are those bicyclists who are not courteous. Fortunately they have been few. Those are the ones I am addressing.

Since you feel my writings are mostly inaccurate, should I consult your infinite knowledge before writing?

 The legal speed limit is 55 mph on Beans Cove Road, the road addressed in my article. You might want to take that up with the state if you want that changed. I have driven this road since 1973. How long have you driven it?  

I know you have some ongoing “beef” with Southampton Township and it concerns Flintstone Creek Road and the one lane bridge. That is your problem, not mine.

 As for Flintstone Creek Road, I did not even address that road in my article. Flintstone Creek Road is a road that is difficult to keep in good condition due to water (springs) conditions and potholing eroding the road. Southampton Township is not “rolling in money.”

That road has been rough for years and the township does what it can with its limited resources to keep it passable. Mr. Runion, if you live on Flintstone Creek Road, you chose to live there. If you do not like it, then move, or is there a fence around you?

I do read both newspapers. Crime in Southampton Township? Your comparison to Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is absurd!

I vote also for competent politicians. Fortunately my vote usually nullifies yours! Perhaps I will attend a township meeting. I hear you put on “quite a show”.

 Police force in Beans Cove? Safer and better quality of life? I live in Beans Cove because of good neighbors, safe living and a great area in which to live.

My statement about keeping a gun “close at hand” was in reference to the rise in crime around areas where a casino is located.

 Don Carns Jr.

 Beans Cove, Pa.