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April 12, 2013

Route 220 U-about a stupid idea and a waste of money

We are very disappointed after reading what is planned to correct the Route 220 U-about (“Engineers set to iron out issues in U.S. Route 220 roundabout,” April 4 Times-News, Page 1A).

 The reported 15,000 vehicles that pass through the u-about are going to be inconvenienced so that a handful of cars can use the U-about to access Interstate 68.

If the main goal was to give people easy access to I-68 from Cumberland via Greene Street, all that was needed was a left-turning lane. There was plenty of room to add a turning lane while leaving everything else in its original state.

We can’t believe someone got paid to come up with this idea. What a big waste of money! This money could have been spent on paving our roads like Virginia Avenue on the CSX side and Greene Street, to name a few. Instead, it was spent foolishly.

We agree with Clay Ingram (“It’s not a roundabout; it’s a ‘stupid -about’; get rid of it,” April 9) Put the road back the way it was.

Mike and Diane Sisler


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