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January 2, 2014

Don’t trash that unwanted item; someone else may need it

 As many people begin the New Year with an “out with the old” motto, let us all remember the many people who could benefit from our unwanted items.

Our Goodwill and thrift shops accept newspaper for wrapping fragile items. Nursing homes and adult daycare facilities accept magazines, religious materials, craft items, puzzles, blankets, stuffed animals, and games. They will also make use of used greeting card fronts.

Elementary schools always need supplies such as pencils and crayons. They also collect old phone books in the spring.

Libraries appreciate donated books as well as DVD’s, which can be checked out like books. Animal shelters accept old bedding. Magazines can be dropped off at the Information Desk of the hospital.

Kids Korner on Virginia Avenue take donations of clothing, shoes, children’s toys, cribs, strollers, etc.

Many churches also will try to help distribute items to needy families.

Many people have friends or family members who could also benefit from items we would just discard. Ask around.

Regifting should not be embarrassing but should be considered a better choice than stashing extra items in the attic or basement. Repurpose and redirect your extra clothing, etc.

Before you toss it all, make a phone call. Someone in our community will benefit more than your trash can.

Be a blessing to others; you’ll get more back than you ever give.

Priscilla Dolan


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