Cumberland Times-News

November 30, 2013

Expanding Medicare would be a much simpler solution

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I’m writing in response to the letter from David Hansen of Berkeley Springs, W.Va., posted on Nov. 21 (“Health care solutions should benefit everyone”).

Mr. Hansen provides a series of complex steps that he states will address the issue of cost and help the “involuntarily” insured. There is a much simpler solution.

If we instituted Medicare for all who had above a certain income, the costs and premiums would be reasonable and health care costs could go down. We could keep the Medicaid expansion, and everyone would more easily be covered.

 Medicare has one of the lowest administrative costs of any health insurance ( I know this as I specialize in public benefits), and the pool of people would be large enough to ensure lower costs.

 In addition, taking this step would remove the profit nature of health care insurance that ensures higher rates. Medicare allows for choice of doctor and extensive care. This is a simple and much easier solution than those Mr. Hansen suggests.  

Yvonne M. Perret