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June 10, 2013

The ‘energizer bunnies’ of the far right dominate these pages

This newspaper has strict guidelines about how often one can voice his or her opinion. In a recent letter (“Only in America could things like this happen,” June 6) there was a complaint about the frequency of my liberal voice.

I would encourage the writer to do some fact-checking and see how often the conservative view is expressed in this paper from syndicated columnists through the hardcore group in Cumberland and even to the distant outpost in Hawaii.

Believe me! The “energizer bunnies” of the far right are loud and dominant.

Apart from a few swipes at me, the bulk of the response to my commentary (”Never have the rich owed so much to so few,” May 30) proved my point.

The letter writer echoed the lines of the millionaire pundits in her defense of the rich, oil companies and conspiracy theories.

Limbaugh and Hannity’s talking points, on full display, sucked up all the energy and left no space in the letter for my basic concern: the plight of working class Americans.

William Tunney


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