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April 4, 2014

Rescue squad seeking sub-station in McCoole

The Tri-Towns Rescue has shown an interest in providing a sub-station in McCoole to provide emergency medical services for our area. They are interested in purchasing the old fire station to house their equipment and operate out of.

In order to be able to do this they must know that there is a show of support from the citizens and the citizens willingness to work with them to help make this a success. They cannot do this alone.

Our community needs this service. They are now serving our area from their station all the way to Pratt’s in Rawlings. It takes them a minimum of 15 minutes to go to the Rawlings area from their station. This is way too much time to save a life of someone who is suffering a full arrest, or any type of heart attack.

Please, get behind this project and sign on to support it. Our community is in dire need of this service. Be thankful that someone thinks enough of this area to offer us this service.

Send this message, with your name and phone number printed, to Ambrose Enterprises, 24943 Crooks Ave. SW. McCoole, MD 21562:

“Yes, I will support the efforts of the Tri-Towns Rescue to establish a sub-station for rescue services for the McCoole area.”

By signing this paper will show your support, you will let Tri-Towns know that there will be sufficient support and they can continue to pursue their efforts to purchase this building.

William L. Ambrose


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