Cumberland Times-News

August 19, 2013

Bradley Manning is not a hero, shouldn’t be treated like one

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I’m writing in regards of the July 31 letter saying Bradley Manning deserves a medal, not prison (“Bradley Manning deserves a medal instead of a prison cell”). I for one have had enough of this “Manning is a hero.” He is not a hero.

Our country has been held hostage to WikiLeaks long enough. Julian Assange looked scared in reaction to Bradley Manning being sentenced.

No one has learned that in American history many have been arrested and convicted for espionage and sentence to prison or death.

The last time someone was successfully convicted of selling military secrets was in the 1950s, and that conviction was a husband and wife team Julian and Ethel Rosenberg and the secrets they sold was the atomic bomb, which was a military secret and history from that trial was they were sentenced properly that what they sold later led to many nations developing the atomic bomb.

People have made Bradley Manning out of nothing and history will say he was not innocent.

John M. Davis

Arlington, Texas