Cumberland Times-News

February 7, 2013

Where’s the outrage about the other tragedies?

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I would like to respond to R. Steele Selby’s letter to the editor of Jan. 28 (“Ask Wyatt for guidance”).

Where to begin? It is extremely difficult to argue with anyone who bases their argument on emotion and what they see on television.

I would suggest you turn it off and do a little history reading and research. It takes a little effort, but everyone can use their Godgiven intellect and not emotions to make rational decisions.

You said all this gun grabbing-rhetoric was renewed by the horrible Sandy Hook incident. I must admit on this point you are correct.

But let’s ask ourselves why do liberals and their news outlets always choose just to concentrate on one event to promote their socialist agenda?

In doing so, anyone with a little intellect and who truly cares about children has to ask why just one at a time and why not all the other horrible tragedies which are occurring and causing the slaughter of babies?

Why all the attention on so-called assault rifles? How about all the kids killed and maimed by drunk drivers every year? Why aren’t you liberals working to get a law passed equipping every vehicle with a breathalyzer to stop this slaughter? Where is your outrage over this?

This should be easy, as driving is a privilege and not a right. How about putting a little effort into limiting the president’s use of unmanned drones to stop the indiscriminate killing of children by their missiles?

If the reports are correct, his drones have killed more children than all the so called assault rifles owned by American citizens put together. Where is your outrage for them?

And how about over 55 million babies killed by abortion since Roe vs. Wade? You liberals not only do not take outrage at the biggest deliberate baby killing ongoing operation ever in the history of the world, you do everything in your power to expand its use. Hypocrisy at its finest.

I hope your family accepts your apology. But you should make another one to them for shirking your responsibility as an American citizen.

That is the responsibility of being able to defend yourself, your family and your community against tyranny. That is what our right to bear arms is about. This sacrosanct protected right was addressed by our forefathers who, like the British government, were armed with muskets which at that time were the most up-to-date weapons.

Researching history tells me that they, as citizens and free men, would have addressed this right in the same way if they were writing the Constitution today.

They knew from experience how tyrannical and evil a government can become, especially once it made up of ego maniacs and self-serving individuals, like ours is fast becoming (Do you recall the manner in which Obamacare was shoved down our throats?).

And in no way to diminish the horrible atrocities being committed at our schools by a few criminals and crazies, I would remind you that our own government has killed students at a school (Remember Kent State?).

Again, I suggest you do a little history reading and research. Turn off the TV or limit your viewing to the situation comedies.

I hate to burst your bubble, but what you learned about Wyatt Earp is probably not true and surely not the whole story, like most other “information” you see and hear on it (it’s not called the boob tube for nothing).

Learn what history tells us about the gun banning in Germany, Russia, China and how their “citizens” made out afterwards. It’s already happened here once, ask our Native Americans.

Norman J. Launi

Keyser, W.Va.