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November 21, 2012

When in trouble, don’t call the government

The AP strikes again. The sub-headline on the Nov. 14, page 2A, Associated Press article about the fiscal cliff was: “Unemployment rate could reach 9.1 percent, stocks could plunge if leaders unable to reach deal on taxes.”

Once again, AP is shilling for the administration by helping it set the agenda.

Raising taxes is the only option? Letting the government take more of our hard-earned money is the only option? Tell a family in financial difficulty the only way to get out of trouble is to get a second job or do like our government — steal from others.

No, a second way we all deal with financial difficulties is to cut back our expenses. Why can’t the government do what the average American does intuitively?

The Obama administration has been specific about proposed tax increases, but has given only vague generalities about budget cuts.

This administration sees the world in a binary fashion: either raise taxes (to get the “revenge” the President craves) or cut benefits to people on Social Security (I am one of them) and feed them dog food.

It took a while, but the Romney campaign finally brought up the third option for our financial crisis, which is economic growth.

As the economy putzes along at about 2 percent GDP growth, we are treading water and huge tax increases on productive members of society will only depress this growth rate.

Economic growth automatically lowers unemployment and increases tax revenues; it’s like magic! Anything that does not promote economic growth will just dig us a deeper hole.

On another point, for those who voted for Obama so they could get their free stuff from his “stash,” the storm crisis in New York is a prime example of government failure.

The Long Island Power Authority, which has functioned so poorly during this crisis, is essentially a government-run operation, not a private utility.

Then we have FEMA, which has now failed under both Democrat and Republican administrations. Did I mention that almost half of LIPA’s employees earn more than $100,000 per year, with an average of $147,000?

If you watch the news about the storm, you will see food and shelter coming from churches and other community organizations. You will see neighbors and families helping each other. You will see the Red Cross. You will see doctors and other medical professionals volunteering their time and expertise to help the storm’s victims.

My goodness, we’ve even had Doctors Without Borders helping our people! You usually see them in third world countries like Uganda or Afghanistan. But here in the United States?

The bottom line is, if you want a check from the government, it is good at taking money from one group to give to another group.

But if you’re ever in real trouble, you’re on your own and you will need to rely on yourself, your family, your friends, your church, and your community. Don’t call the government.

Good job voting for more government!

Patrick Brady


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