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May 11, 2014

It won’t take much to water down the effect of this law

To the Editor:

If the Times-News accurately reported the new law banning 95 percent (190 proof) alcohol (“FSU President applauds ban on grain alcohol,” May 6, Page 1B), then I don’t think much
of the intelligence of our legislators or the college leaders that backed this plan.

According to the article, the law “prohibits a person from selling at retail an alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of 95 percent or more” because the “grain alcohol is seen as a cheap and reliable way to get drunk quickly”.

I sincerely hope our legislators didn’t waste too much of our tax money in time spent working
on this bill.

All it accomplishes is to force the vendor to recall the bottles, pour a little off and replace it with water to bring the percentage to 94 percent. How much difference do you think this new formulation will make in the time it takes to get drunk?There used to be laws against watering liquor. Now our legislature is passing laws forcing the vendor to do it.

Leon Dillman Cumberland

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