Cumberland Times-News

October 25, 2012

What has he done that we can relate to him?

Cumberland Times-News

— I thought with the election right around the corner it would be a good time to talk about the candidate I feel has this one in the bag.

He is ethically sound, highly intelligent and his moral compass never strays far from North. I am of course talking about my personal hero, Mitt Romney.

When Mitt needed money to fund the start-up of Bain Capital and couldn’t find equity here at home what did he do? What any natural patriot would; found South American investors tied to death squads to give him some dough.

When companies with thousands of employees weren’t making Mitt rich he took the high road. He forced them into bankruptcy making sure thousands lost their jobs and his coffers got filled.

When tens of thousands of young Americans were mindlessly being sent to Vietnam against their will, how did Mitt stand up for America? He protested in favor of the war and draft while he received four deferments living in a mansion in France.

When Detroit was poised to go bankrupt how did Mitt stand up for the American worker. Suggesting that GM go under and fire thousands. When Mitt was a young man attending school with a homosexual student, how did the open-minded and compassionate Mitt make him feel acceptance. He held him down and cut his hair while others mocked him.

Just recently at a private $50,000 per plate fund raiser Mitt in front of dozens of millionaires stood up for the American worker. He reminded us lowly peons that 47 percent of us are dependent on government handouts.

He reminded stay-at-home moms that they lack the dignity to work, even though his own wonderfully forgiving wife was a stay at home mom. Like Ann Romney said, just trust Mitt.

What has that socialist Obama done? Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and make sure everyone has a functioning and affordable health care system. Oh, and he lowered taxes for small business and the middle class at the same time, what a give, give, give philosophy. \

Then he ended the Iraq War, does the man lack a spine? After that he pretended to kill Osama Bin Laden — Where is the body? — where are his college transcripts and how did he forge that obviously fake birth certificate?

Yes, it is time a God fearing patriot takes the oval office. I can’t think of a candidate the middle class can better relate to than Mitt Romney!

Jeremy Gosnell