Cumberland Times-News

October 28, 2012

Why don’t those who should ask these questions ask them?

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— Regarding two national scandals:

The most obvious and simple questions that the media continues to ignore are:

 Who, or what party, informed you, Mr. President, that the video was the cause of the uprising? Who? Or is this something you always knew? How did the video initially become involved in the explanation?

What was the sources of that report? Where are your cites? Why did it conveniently occur on the anniversary of 911?

How did Ambassador Rice go out to the Sunday talk shows with a line of explanation that the administration (Axelrod) did not approve?

Who coordinated the full-court press? How did all of the administration stick to the same script without any without any coordination?

 Why did you, Mr. President, go to the United Nations and apologize for the video six times? Why did he run an advertisement in Pakistan saying the same?

 When do you think ABC, CBS, or NBC will ask these questions?

 How about the 12th of Never?

 Why do the media fail consistently to find any curiosity in these problems?

Why does media find no problem with the BATF failing to stop convicted felons from buying guns and selling them to Mexican drug lords?

Why, when dealers accessed the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, that they were given approval to sell 2,000 guns to straw buyers, with felony convictions?

Where did the funding come from to buy these weapons? Why aren’t anti-gun liberals in the media upset with this issue? Funny, isn’t it? Why is it OK for the attorney general to stonewall the investigation?  

Why aren’t these things national scandals? Why don’t the media inquire? Why do the media provide excuses and shield the the administration?

Do you still live in a fantasy world that the media is honest? Do you really want your government staffed by the media? Do you think Candy Crowley won the presidential debate? How ‘bout Martha Raddatz?

Wayne Pennington