Cumberland Times-News

March 17, 2013

Citizens urged to continue levy for street projects in Keyser

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— The election will be held in Keyser, W.Va., on March 23 to reauthorize the excess levy of street maintenance and related work. Needless, to say this levy is and will continue to be vital to sustaining healthy infrastructure throughout the city.

I urge the good citizens of Keyser to vote for reauthorizing the levy so that we can continue the maintenance resurface work and improve the condition of streets in the city.

This vote does not represent a raise in the levy rate, but continues the current rate despite an environment in which the price of everything seems to be increasing.

We were able to complete considerable paving last year and have many more jobs awaiting, potentially including Locust Street, Ward Avenue, Maple Avenue and a section of Main Street.

Other projects may include some of the streets around the Mineral County Courthouse and Potomac State College as well as streets in the North End, once we assess what paving may be included in completion of the Potomac River Bridge project.

Additionally, we are looking at a few alleys within the city that have never been paved.

We are diligently avoiding any paving projects that will be included in the sewer and water line replacement during the next two years. Those streets will be paved as part of line replacement work.

There will likely always be more paving/maintenance work to do than we can ever accomplish or afford in a given year.

We carefully prioritize projects according to population density, traffic volume and overall condition of the street. Continuing to play the “priority game” is the primary way we keep up with the city. Sometimes patching a low-volume street for another year will allow us to immediately resurface a high-volume street.

Please vote to reauthorize the excess levy for street maintenance. This is truly a time when you can see and measure how your money is spent.

Terry Liller

Keyser City Council member