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November 13, 2012

Will Obama still be blaming Bush after his second term?

As I prepare to write this letter I will make every effort not to appear as a disgruntled Republican, but I must ask one fundamental question. What in the world was half the population thinking by re-electing Obama to a second term?

Let’s look at the president’s record. (1) Unemployment 7.9 percent, (2) the debt $16 trillion and rising (3) shovel ready jobs, not quite ready for prime time, (4) no energy policy, forget the Keystone pipeline, forget the coal industry, (5) foreign policy, lead from behind, gut the military, cover up the shame of Libya.

And it keeps going on and on — 23 million unemployed, 47 million on food stamps and you 50 percent wants four more years of this loser. Well, you got him. Unfortunately, the other 50 percent of us has to go along.

We shall see just how cooperative Obama is during his second term, or if he continues to pander to gays, Latinos, labor unions, single women and so on. As I recall while the campaign was going on Obama stated he would wash the speaker’s car if that would invite compromise, we shall see.

I am not going to hold my breath!

I have to wonder after the next four years if Obama and his cronies will still be blaming Bush! I can say with conviction after four years of Obama this is not the country I fought for in Vietnam. Sadly, the one man who could have got us on the road to recovery did not quite make it.

But I recall him saying the door to the future was slightly open and we could go through together, Mitt Romney may have lost the race but his heart was in the right place, contrary to what the Democrats painted him to be.

Thank you, Mr. Romney, for giving us hope!

Terry Copeland


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