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April 18, 2013

Maryland should be taken to court over gun legislation

I am writing in regard to the article in the Saturday, April 6, edition of the Cumberland Times-News titled “Advocotes, opponents consider Maryland gun bill.”

Delegate Neil Parrott, representing Washington County, should rethink the idea of putting this up for referendum. This is precisely what should not be done.

Last time I looked, a constitutional right is not dependent on a majority vote! The state of Maryland needs to be taken to court over this gun legislation. Just like was done in D.C. and Chicago — all the way to the top if need be and that is exactly what will be needed.

A petition to referendum would quite probably end up just the referendums for redistricting and state tuition for illegal immigrants did. Oh, excuse me, we can’t call them illegal immigrants any longer. I guess now we will call “undocumented Democrats.”

What the state has done is unconstitutional and the state needs to be taken to court to rectify it.

Ronald Smith


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