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May 7, 2014

The bottom line is that the killer got what he deserved

After reading Jack Miller’s letter to the editor in the May 6 edition, “Where is the sympathy for killer’s victim and her family?” I finally met someone who thinks like I do.

In his letter he outline how a botched execution was being highlighted and the pain and suffering the death row inmate experienced on his way to the sentence of death, but there was nothing to show remorse for how he got that way — by murdering a young teen-aged girl.

In my opinion he got what he deserved no matter how it came about either fast and pain less or long and suffering.

The bottom line in the matter justice was served and probably should have been long and suffering, just as his victim experienced, that got him that way in the first place.

I often find myself reading articles such as this one when the penalty didn’t go as smooth as planned and the media wants to side with a convicted murderer by showing pity and wanting to do away with the death penalty.

This prisoner not only caused the young girl to die needlessly but caused an entire family to have to think about it and live in pain for the rest of their lives, so no matter how the punishment was served the fact remains it was served.

Do I personally feel bad that a convicted killer died a slow and painful death, I think not and that’s probably the way it should have went anyway.

I think the practice of common sense should prevail a lot of times in many different things and I often find myself wondering am I the only one that thinks that way, but in this case I found out I’m not alone. Thanks Jack, for supporting this basic principle.

 Jim Dolly

Ridgeley, W.Va.

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