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December 23, 2012

Why do schools schedule more than one event on same night?

I would like to address the scheduling issues for last night’s Holiday concerts within the Allegany County public schools.

I am a mother of two beautiful girls. One child is in elementary school, the other is in high school.

I received a letter in November stating that my youngest daughter would be having her first school program (she is in Kindergarten) on Dec. 19.

I gladly sent back the form saying that we would be there, and honestly didn’t think much more about it other than I was “saving that date” so that I could see this once in a lifetime moment.

About a week or two before the concert I was floored when my oldest daughter came home and said that her choir concert would be the same night.

This left our family torn. We all wanted to be there and support our oldest for her first high school performance, however we really also wanted to be there for our youngest. I struggled, internally debating if I could make it to see both children.

Unfortunately, both concerts were scheduled around the same time. After speaking to other parents, I learned that the middle school concerts were also that same night, as well as other school activities.

While I applaud the teachers for having any arts in the school, and the children for the amazing job they did. I am rather upset that the schools could not come together and scheduled this better.

When I was mentioning my resentment for missing my youngest (ultimately we split up our family, Daddy went with the youngest and Mommy with the oldest) I was met by a arrogant response along the lines of “We schedule ours a year in advance, so it is the other school that should have changed theirs.”

Frankly I did use a few choice words, I now regret, upon hearing this. However my reaction is still the same. If the schools would all come together in their planning, situations like this would not occur and family would not be divided when they should be able to be together.

We have enough negativity in this world tearing us apart, this much stress and heartache should not be attached to something meant to bring joy.

Billie Rowe


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