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February 12, 2014

If you’re going to have a pet, be responsible and take care of it

My pet peeve is the poor innocent little four-legged animals that families bring in their home as a pet and for what ever reason, let them out to run the streets or hang out in other neighbor’s yards.

Last Friday I was coming up National Highway. and there along side of the highway was a very young brown tabby kitten. I am sure by now the snow plows or other cars have run over this kitten even more.

Why would anyone bring that sweet kitten home and then put it out so it could be run over?

This fall there was a male cat coming to my door crying for food. I started purchasing large bags of food to feed him, to which he became very tame. Time went on and he brought his girl friend, a young little female that wanted to sleep under the cover on my front porch swing.

I fed the two of them along with fresh water until the media kept asking to bring all pets indoors, due to the very cold weather.

Since I had a spare room in my downstairs I brought the two of them in out of the cold, they used the litter box, ate and slept together on the bed I put in for them, until they had room at the shelter to take them.

Now these two cats did belong to someone before I started feeding them daily, where were they?

Adults need to be more responsible when they decide to bring a pet into their family, they should now be part of the family. Would we put our children out in the cold or to run the neighborhood? I don’t think so. but should our pets not be part of the family as their children are?

If you are such a family that has a pet, be responsible and have it spay or neutered and keep it on your own domain, not let it run the streets when there are some that will go out of their way to hit the poor animal that did not have a owner that loved it enough to take care of it properly.

It is careless animal owners that do not have them fixed, so the shelter is over whelmed with high population.

Now I read about the poor dog that froze to death, while the owners were in a warm home and sleeping under warm covers while their dog is outside freezing (“Dog froze to death, and it could easily have been prevented,” Feb. 11 Times-News). Shame on you.

How were they able to purchase another animal. This should not have happened.

Thank you for reading and doing the right thing to protect our little four-legged creatures.

Jan Robertson



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