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January 15, 2014

Has Canal Place contributed to the city and county revenues?

To the Editor:

If you’d like to see the numbers, just add your city, county and state tax rates. Cumberland residents is under 85 cents, county under $1 and multiply by assessment on Fairfield Inn as of July 2014: $6,667,700.

Add those dollars to the hotel/motel taxes it generates for the city and county. Then ask every candidate if Canal Place is worth the efforts of our county tourism to enhance these dollars.

Whoever wants to fill in the boat basin should instead volunteer to build a fund to pay for the future boat and get behind completion of Canal Place.

 Join the 50th anniversary party to celebrate Justice Douglas' Walk in 1954 on April 25-27. Enjoy a weekend camp out with friends of the canal!

Tom Conlon, member,

C&O Canal Association


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