Cumberland Times-News

January 27, 2014

Give Keyser’s people fluoride toothpaste, instead

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— On Jan. 24, Elaine Blaisdell reported at the Keyser Mayor & Council meeting on whether fluoride would remain in the Keyser, W.Va., drinking water (“Fluoride will remain in Keyser drinking water,” Page 1B).

Mayor Randy Amtower noted that thanks to public response the council removed the matter off the table for consideration. In the same article, Mayor Amtower expressed concerns over a chemical spill leak into New Creek similar to Charleston, W.Va.

In reality, Mayor Amtower’s concerns are a contradiction of terms, because the fluoridation chemicals used are nothing more than adding toxic industrial waste of the phosphate fertilizer industry to their water supply, which primarily comes out of China.

I would like to commend water plant supervisor Bobby Paugh for suggesting removing fluoride as a way to cut costs. The practice of water fluoridation is very cost ineffective. Ninety-nine percent of all municipal water use is for something other than drinking.

The city is literally flushing good money down the toilet on this outdated public health policy.

The article states that water fluoridation prevents tooth decay according to the CDC, as much as 25 percent over a person’s lifetime is not accurate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 1999, 2001) has now acknowledged that the mechanisms of fluoride’s benefits are mainly topical, not systemic. There is no need whatsoever, therefore, to swallow fluoride to protect teeth.

Since the purported benefit of fluoride is topical, and the risks are systemic, it makes more sense to deliver the fluoride directly to the tooth in the form of toothpaste.

So it would be way more cost effective for the city of Keyser to offer tubes of fluoride toothpaste to poor families than to medicate everyone in Keyser.

In the April 2010 issue of the Journal of Toxicology, Sawan,, “Fluoride increases lead concentrations in whole blood and in calcified tissues from lead-exposed rats,” confirmed four earlier epidemiological studies that fluoride co-administered with lead increased the uptake of lead into blood and calcified tissues in rats, over lead administered alone.

The blood lead concentrations over three times higher were found in the rats exposed to fluoride plus lead compared to lead only and 2.5 times higher in calcified tissues.

The difference was statistically significant with a p value less than 0.001, meaning less than one chance in a thousand that these finding are a random result.

These five studies together should be a telltale sign of the bipolar nature of your local health department. One department has a mandate to reduce lead exposure in children, while another department’s mandate is to promote the so-called benefits of water fluoridation.

The result of this incompetence is that the public has been sold a bill of goods, because our fluoridated water supplies expose all of us two neurotoxins both fluoride and lead along with other trace metals like and arsenic, cadmium, beryllium, and mercury, etc.

The public needs to ask itself two very important questions: If water fluoridation is so effective, why do cities like Baltimore still have an epidemic of tooth decay in poor children? Why is it that our children now rank 44th in the world on scholastic test scores? What is it in the environment that is possibly causing our children to be dumbed down?

The ancient civilization of Rome fell in large part because they lined their aqueducts with lead, they drank from lead chalices, and added lead to their wines as a sweetener.

This powerful neurotoxin helped cripple Rome to the point that the Huns basically took over with very little resistance. Will this be the plight of our country’s future or will we wake up in time before it is too late?

Bernard W. Miltenberger, president

Pure Water Committee of Western