Cumberland Times-News

January 22, 2014

Give gift shop a second chance; visit, make up your own mind

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I’d like to respond to the letter from Nancy Martens regarding the gift shop at Frostburg Village Nursing Care and Rehabilitation Center (“Even residents can’t afford what’s sold there,” Jan. 16 Times-News).

I’m sorry that Ms. Martens is confused about the remodeled/revamped Sherry’s Village Gift Shop. Outside the gift shop, a plaque clearly stated the name of the shop as Sherry’s Village Gift Shop.

The items in the former gift shop were outdated. The cards and envelopes were yellowed with age. It definitely needed updated. The gift shop currently provides a variety of items for the residents and their family members.

Anyone can purchase penny candy, chapstick, baked goods and other very unique items. It does not sell potato chips, because these and other snacks are provided to the residents free of charge.

When making the choice of items to sell in the gift shop, the residents were consulted and provided many of the ideas. I have personally seen the gift shop staff helping residents make purchases and they seemed excited about the shop.

The gift shop as well as the rest of Frostburg Village welcomes volunteers. I am certainly happy that they care enough to ensure the safety of all residents by doing background checks of all volunteers. In this day and age, it is essential to provide this security. Many facilities are required to do background checks on all volunteers, as well as staff members.

If you are afraid to provide the information to complete a background check, it makes one wonder what you are afraid of or hiding.

I’d like to encourage Ms. Martens to give the Sherry’s Village Gift Shop a chance and to reconsider having a background check so she could volunteer at Frostburg Village.

To the public, I’d like to invite you to stop by, visit the gift shop and, make up your own mind. I am a supporter of Frostburg Village and the Sherry’s Village Gift Shop

Susie Holliday