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February 19, 2014

Leaving pets out in the bitter cold is heartless act of cruelty

I was heartbroken when I read the letter from Rozann Dashiell, about the poor young dog that froze to death (“Dog froze to death, and it could easily have been prevented,” Feb. 11 Times-News).

I will never understand how people can be so heartless as to leave a pet outside in the extreme cold.

We had a similar situation, in our neighborhood, quite a few years ago. A sweet Rottweiler mix, named Seppe, was kept tied up on our neighbor’s porch all the time, even on the coldest nights.

Her owner claimed he could not let her in the house, because she would destroy things. On several occasions, when it was very cold, we would bring Seppe to our house to keep her warm.

We ended up adopting her, and she never had to live outside, again. She lived in our house, as part of our family, as pets should, and she did not “destroy” anything.

I was always amazed at what a sweet nature she had, given the life she led until she came to live with us.

When people choose to adopt a pet, it is their responsibility to take care of them, and keep them safe from harm. Unfortunately, there are a lot of pets out there that need someone to step in, when their owners don’t seem to have enough decency to treat them humanely.

Sadly, we lost our Seppe in December, due to old age, but we know we did everything we could to give her a good life, and she gave us so much happiness in return.

Cheryl Lindner


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