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March 9, 2014

Eventually, the maneuvering and lies will catch up with him

Several months ago I wrote a letter to the editor taking to task President Obama on his lack of leadership (“Obama has earned no points for his leadership,” Sept. 2, 2013).

It appears my observations were right on. On the social front we continue to receive the same old excuses, “I didn’t know,” “This is first time I’ve heard of this” and so on.

We continue to have one scandal after another — Benghazi, IRS, NSA, Obama-care and the list goes on and on.

As to our foreign policy, we are the laughing stock of the world. Just look at the current hot spots in the world, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, North Korea, and can anyone name one policy decision this administration has made to address any of these hot spots?

Our president’s idea when it comes to foreign affairs is to lead from behind, apologize for America’s strength and exceptionalism, and to use the same old rhetoric against the people who want to destroy us.

Mr. President, leadership requires you to lead by example the American people are weary of you constantly being in campaign mode, and looking at world crisis as a opportunity to use your organizing skills, which by the way have utterly failed.

As to those in your administration, they to have failed to serve you properly, being a yes man does not equate into leadership either. Your so called signature legislation, Obamacare, has thus far been a complete failure even with you attempting to change the law by delaying implementations of that law.

Sooner or later, Mr. President, your lies and maneuvering will catch up with you. The American people are beginning to see you for what you are an ineffective leader both at home and abroad.

I once thought Jimmy Carter was the worst president we ever had, but I must admit your record or lack of one has made me rethink my opinion.

The latest crisis Ukraine shows how ineffective you truly are, Putin has basically told you to butt out, what he does has nothing to do with you and your tiring rhetoric makes no difference at all to his plans.

Putin has done exactly what he wanted and just as Europe and the U.S. believed Hitler was being controlled during World War II, so too have we been fooled again by Putin.

Mr. President, it is time you lay aside your organizing skills and prove to the American people that you are the leader people thought and hoped you were, time is running out.

Terry Copeland


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