Cumberland Times-News

April 1, 2014

Banning grain alcohol will send it to the underground economy

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I'm writing in response to the chief of Frostburg State University Police on rebutting me with her thought that banning grain alcohol is a good idea, while my idea is that banning grain alcohol is a bad idea (“Banning grain alcohol in Maryland is a good idea,” March 29 Times-News).

I want to point out why I did say the ban of grain alcohol will lead back to alcohol prohibition. It is a fact that when alcohol was banned it lead to a underground alcohol industry.

Maryland was right to resist alcohol prohibition in the 1920's and is wrong to ban grain alcohol now when it becomes law 96 years later.

The next thing that will happen is banning cheap vodka the next thing after grain alcohol in price. The chief of police at Frostburg State thinks banning grain alcohol will help but it won't help.

Grain alcohol can in fact be bought in a state that hasn't banned grain alcohol. I thank the chief for her disagreement, but banning grain alcohol for all legal drinking age adults just won't work in solving the drinking issue at all college campuses, including Frostburg State.

It'll lead to grain alcohol being sold in the underground economy.

John M. Davis


Formerly of Cumberland