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May 9, 2014

People should think before proving their stupidity

— I’m not sure why it caught me by surprise when Cliven Bundy, the welfare cowboy in Nevada, degenerated into a bizarre racial rant regarding his theory that blacks were better off under slavery.

In her 2012 Presidential bid, Michele Bachmann said the same thing and not one of her GOP colleagues called her out on it.

According to Ms. Bachmann’s reasoning, blacks were better off under slavery because slave owners kept them together as a family unit, thus the children grew up with good family values.

The truth is that under slavery, blacks were not even considered human beings, but chattel, property to be bought and sold like other commodities such as pigs, cows and cotton, etc.

If a slaveholder had a married black couple in his stable, that wasn’t a family, but rather good “breeding stock.”

We all have the right of free speech, even to the point of telling the country how ignorant you are.

What I never understood about the Bundys and the Bachmanns of the world is that they apparently are incapable of mastering something as simple as putting the minds in gear before they pop the clutch on their mouths.

Will Ross

Bealeton, Va.

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