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June 9, 2013

Mankind rejects the only key to the problem

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

CUMBERLAND — There is an old tune that goes like this: “Life is but a mountain railroad,” and by Robert Llewellyn’s rebuttal (“Sure they were grand times; here’s what went on,” June 1 Times-News) of my remarks about the good old days (“Were they really the good old days? You decide,” May 21), it is evident that he is off the track.

He missed my whole point which was not health or weather problems, but rather MORAL problems, which we all must confess, have deteriorated.

He wrote: “Surgenor’s 1937-39 gun toting, stick disciplined, Bible reading world.” That’s sarcasm.

My reply is, Llewellyn is to be commended for supporting his needy mother when he was a child. He said he never saw the need for a handgun. Neither did I, it was a “want.”

Also, my schoolteacher never recited a prayer, she prayed from her heart, and read the Bible for 15 minutes.

He mentioned the value of homes dropping. What about the 2.3 million home foreclosures in 2012?

He mentions polio and its cure. What about AIDS today, 30 million deaths worldwide, with no cure?

He mentions storms. What about the tsunamis of late? And the alarming rate of increases in earthquakes and their damage, the last 10 years, causing casualties over 800 percent higher than in the 1930s?

Llewellyn’s remarks about gangsters being hailed as heros, is a fallacy. It’s today these outlaws are glamorized by Hollywood (Bonnie and Clyde movie in 1967). In the 1930s, people abhorred them.

According to the Bible, we, as the human race had a glorious beginning. We were made in the image and likeness of God. Everything was total bliss, and man enjoyed communion with his Creator.

What went wrong with man? This should be the concern of every thoughtful person of this day. Man always seems to be looking, and striving for a better tomorrow.

Governments programs seek to better mankind, only to fail. Following World War I, “The League of Nations” mission was to end all wars. It failed. In 1939 the world was plunged into World War II for six years, claiming the lives of over 60 million people.

In 1945, the United Nations was formed to stop wars between countries. Yet, in spite of man’s ingenuity, brains, and self-confidence, wars continue. What’s wrong?

When man rejects the biblical explanation of the state of the world and society he invariably will be led to believe that there was once a primitive form of life which has gradually evolved itself; man is undergoing a process of evolution and development and every generation finds him a little bit higher up the scale than he was before, and that this process is taking man on to ultimate perfection.

Man rejects the Bible that gives us the key to the main problem, and that is: Man’s troubles are in himself and not in his environment, and that he has a wrong relationship with God. All our troubles are due to sin. That is the great message of the Bible (Genesis 3).

Our continued problems are due to the fact that we turn a blind eye to history and continue to do what Adam did, we sin against God.

The result of Adam and Eve’s refusal to live as God would have them live has introduced into our race misery, wretchedness and death.

Man blindly continues on, refusing to face the fact of judgment.

God’s solution is; “For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God” (1 Peter 3:18).

Llewellyn’s confession that he was never brought up to fear God is very evident, for “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7).

Robert Surgenor

Fairview Park, Ohio