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March 24, 2014

Should we force them to violate rights of choice?

In response to Dr. Kathleen Powell’s letter of March 17 (“Calling act a ‘Bathroom Bill’ misrepresents its purpose”):

In defense of traditional American family and Christian morals, the spirit of my letter is to defend the family unit and protect further erosion of the blurred sense of defining a man and woman given to us by our Creator.

I have been teaching the Bible and standing for the family for over 34 years and we examine policies objectively to see if they conform to God’s standards of decency and morality. It is in the spirit of defending Biblical family values that I respond.

1. To interpret House bill 1265, a court does not need to see the word “bathroom” in there. Since it is not in there is why our concerns are legitimate.

If it is that obvious, and proponents of the bill are so up front that this is not what the bill is about, why can’t drafters insert a paragraph excluding the bathroom use and be done with it?

2. There are numerous reported cases where transgender issues have and are being litigated.

3. This bill will also affect people who are owners of photography firms or wedding cakes designers. They will be forced to do them for transgender functions. Otherwise, they will be violating Maryland law. Is this what we want — coercing owners to violate their rights of choice?

4. We noticed how some proponents of the bill cite the ERA which was adopted 42 years ago and blame that for women being denied freedom in “religious vocations.” What does that mean? This is the banner of the liberal agenda.

The concept of “unequal pay” shows how bizarre this argument is. Name one business that has a job as hotel manager that pays $25,000 if you are a woman but $28,000 if you are a man... they do NOT exist. This discrimination against women has nothing to do with the pending bill and is a red herring liberals use to evoke sympathy to their cause. The issue of this bill is to blur the identity of man and woman and force it on every citizen.

5. Is “Gender Identity” an issue the state should consider in Annapolis with other issues at stake in this hurting economy across Maryland? Citizens deserve action that will benefit our rights as Christian citizens.

6. Although it is called the “Fairness for All Marylanders Act,” it is unfair to people of faith and to people recognize that a man is not a woman and a woman is not a man.

Not only does the “bathroom” portion of this bill threaten to allow men to legally use women’s public restrooms and vice-versa, it places a cloud over employers and co-workers who may have a problem hiring or working with someone confused about their gender. This bill makes it a crime to identify what is natural as normal, and is likely to result in administrative discipline, employment termination and judicial punishments against anyone who does not conform to the disordered worldview that gender does not matter.

7. This new law hangs in the balance and could be called for a vote this week. I urge citizens to call delegates who are the deciding votes.

For the sake of families across our state, the time is now to speak up for the traditional family before it is too late. God help us to and get involved.

Every pastor should be involved in preserving what we have left of the family. Pick up the phone, send an email, write a letter. Defend our faith.

The best chance to stop the bill is in the Health and Government Operations Committee. Please ask those who can help to contact the delegates.

Pastor Bruce McBride


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