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March 29, 2014

Why not eliminate the cafeteria, too? That will save money

When I first read the story about the Allegany County Board of Education planning on building a new high school without an auditorium and without sports fields, I thought it would create a flood of letters to the editor with comments (“School board OKs base model design for new Allegany: Plan cuts some rooms, auditorium, ballfields,” March 13 Times-News, Page 1A).

Congratulations to Richard Beeghly for finally airing what a lot of us feel about this (“New school is a bad hand; now is time to fold and discard it,” March 26 Times-News).

When I first read the comment “We now have a new school,” my first thought was that a better statement would have been “we now have a new building.”

Why don’t you go one step further and eliminate the cafeteria and force the students to eat at their desks. That should save a lot of money.

I envision the sports teams practicing on the paved parking lot after all the cars are gone. Seriously, where will they practice, where will the band, of whom we are all proud, do their practicing.

Do we eliminate the high school musicals and plays? I join with Mr. Beeghly in asking for the board of education to pull back and shuffle the deck.

Don Diehl



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