Cumberland Times-News

December 20, 2012

They didn’t exactly shoot the one who started this ‘war’

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— You may have noticed that the “War on Christmas” crowd is back. Last year at this time Rick Perry ran a campaign ad declaring that President Obama had a war on religion and Christmas.

There was indeed a war on religion. It started in 1963 when Mr. Obama was two years old — and America lost. Atheist Madalyn Murray O’Hair filed a lawsuit to have prayer banned from our schools. After getting that done, she filed a lawsuit to forbid our astronauts from praying in outer space. That one didn’t work.

If Ms. O’Hair had had any common sense (and people like this seldom do) she may have figured out her next logical war would probably have been on “Christmas.” I suspect she may have won that one.

When I was growing up in Frostburg, the only Friday of significance was Good Friday, which kicked off the Easter weekend. But it’s long ago given way to Black Friday and Super Monday, and this year we had Cyber Sunday. And from my perspective it seems that most Americans are willing foot soldiers.

At Christmastime in 1994, the Washington Post ran a human interest story I never forgot. A woman in Arizona went to a mall with two obviously not so well behaved children.

At day’s end she got on a crowded elevator and said to no one in particular, “Whoever is responsible for this Christmas nonsense should be shot. And someone else replied, “Actually, Ma’am, they crucified him.”

Think about it.

Will Ross

Bealeton, Va., formerly of Frostburg