Cumberland Times-News

October 4, 2013

Whose idea was this awful mess on the highway?

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— This is an improvement?

In the performance of my job I’m on the road driving a lot. In my business travels the other day I had to go from Cumberland to Cresaptown, so naturally, I took Interstate 68 to the Route 220 South exit.

When I drove from the exit ramp making a left turn onto Route 220 I was appalled by what they’ve done to “correct” the poor planning at the bottom of the eastbound exit from 68 onto 220. What a royal mess!

They have actually raised the road and put in an S turn on the downhill slope of 220. Smart move!

I happened to be two cars back from an 18-wheeler and actually felt sorry for the driver. The curve of the turn is tight and that driver had to do some fancy maneuvering to get that tractor and trailer through the turns.

I can’t help but wonder what will happen when it becomes covered with ice and snow. I know I’ll be going the long way around to get to Cresaptown.

The whole situation at that intersection is absolutely ludicrous and dysfunctional. Instead of getting better it’s getting worse.

Who’s bright idea was all of this? No one has yet to explain why this whole change was necessary.

Is there extra profit or incentive for putting in these circles? Is there extra reward if you can make them more dangerous? Humor.

A tremendous amount of money is being spent on something that was unnecessary to start with but then they got a “do over”!

We, the taxpayers, get to pay for this boondoggle and somewhere along the way is a designer, supervisor, director or whomever who should be held accountable for this unbelievable mess. It doesn’t take an engineer, but only a minimal amount of common sense to see that this whole road design is dangerous.

Can someone please explain the whole rationale behind all of this? Considering the fact that we’re footing the bill aren’t we entitled to an explanation?

Is it unreasonable for the public to want to know why and how all of this happened and who is responsible? If, in fact, there is an explanation for all of this there should be no problem conveying that information to the public.

Colleen Boswell