Cumberland Times-News

February 26, 2014

Let him use his money if he wants to support the CHCO

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— So Commissioner Mike McKay has been shot down in his efforts to forward his agenda (“Cemetery organization aid proposal withdrawn,” Feb. 21 Times-News, Page 1A).

Why did he think that it would pass unnoticed that he could up the marriage license fee to forward that money to the Cumberland Historical Cemetery Organization (CHCO)?

Mr. McKay attempted to surpass the very board he serves on and worse, never put the issue up for public comment.

Recently, he posed for a photo with members of the CHCO in front of a monument that is meant to commemorate victims of abortion.

If he wanted to raise taxes or marriage license fees to support the Food Bank, or the Union Mission, he’d have a good deal of support. If the CHCO is that dear to his heart, I say let him use his personal funds to make up the difference they need.

 Our personal opinions on abortion are not relevant — but for a public servant like Mr. McKay (he is a servant, he was elected) to bypass proper procedure to further his personal agenda is not excusable.

 We hear a lot of rhetoric here about the Constitution and embracing it — separation of church and state is a cornerstone of our Constitution.

We all are tired of political pandering and self-serving (both parties).

Maybe we can’t do much on the national level, but we sure can on the local level. Mr. McKay represents, on our local level, what is wrong with politics in America.

Rick and Cathy Jones