Cumberland Times-News

February 27, 2014

Cemetery organization has done many good works

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— I would just like to respond to a recent letter by Dale Mr. Sams pertaining to the Cumberland Historical Cemetery Organization (“Why not help those who help the needy, instead?” Feb. 20 Times-News).

Mr. Sams’ comment about the CHCO not deserving money from the marriage license fee is totally without merit.

First of all, he mentions that money should go to the food bank. The food bank already gets a tremendous amount of local donations and knows so called “less fortunate” get overwhelming food stamps (Independence Card).

He mentions the Family Crisis Resource Center. Apparently he is not aware that the center already receives marriage fee monies, along with the Allegany County Historical Society, 218 Washington Street.

The Cumberland Historical Cemetery Organization is just another local historical institution such as the Allegany County Historical Society.

The small amount requested by the CHCO is nothing compared to the amount of tax dollars received by the Scenic Railroad, the Allegany Museum, the Arts Council, just to name a few.

The public should thoroughly investigate all the good the CHCO has accomplished over the many years.

One of the greatest projects they have accomplished in Cumberland, to cite an example, is the first monument in the state of Maryland to six black Civil War soldiers.

This site is located at Sumner Cemetery in Cumberland.

I feel we cannot be prejudiced concerning one historical organization to another.

Zelma Kelly