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April 27, 2013

Other things killing more people in Maryland than rifles

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley should soon ban hands and feet in the state because they figured in 100 percent of the murders in the state.

From FBI crime reports — rifles category, state of Maryland, the following are the results of murder by rifles vs. hands, feet and fists.

Year: Death by rifles/death by hands

2011: 2/17; 2010: 3/19; 2009: 2/18; 2008: 4/28; 2007: 9/23; 2006: 5/25; 2005: 4/18; 2004: 2/30. Total: 31/178

 In Maryland hands, feet and fists have accounted for 5.74 times more murders than rifles during the past eight years.

Actually all those killed with rifles involved hands and feet. Hands are lethal weapons and should be banned registered and be non-transferable!

Eyes were also instrumental in those deaths. Studies should be conducted as acceptable methods of limiting sight. But of course we are already being led by the blind!   

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Reports: Table 20.

Roberta Merrill

Clearville, Pa.

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