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April 30, 2014

We ought to start thinking before we start fracking

A recent article in the Times-News proclaimed woe to the environmentalists because neighboring states are realizing increased employment because of fracking. Fracking will undoubtedly bring jobs to our area, but we must weigh the good with the bad or suffer losses that are extremely hard to recover from.

I remember the Potomac river and several tributary streams as a child, when they were dead, stinking and filled with hazardous waste. Today these are verdant areas, where swimming, hiking and fishing occur.

Do we want to destroy our waterways again? Do we want to destroy the incredible God given natural beauty and the enjoyment that brings by introducing fracking? I would hope not.

Fracking is a destructive method of extracting natural gas from shale. It requires the introduction of harmful chemicals to extract the gas and then the waste must be disposed of.

Why would we rush into something that threatens to destroy our natural resources? For jobs? For economic benefit? Those benefits will rapidly disappear when we face hazardous waste spills, and health problems that will not only affect us but our descendants also.

Each fracking site requires millions of gallons of water, delivered and removed, which will increase heavy truck traffic on our already crumbling roadways.

Every site will have emissions that emit polluting and hazardous chemicals. Every site will have a water holding “pit” that holds the hazardous waste until it is removed.

These are only portions of the large environmental hazards and infrastructure issues that fracking will introduce into our communities.

Do not be fooled by energy companies and their allies propaganda. Research the issue. Walk down to a local stream, pond or river, enjoy God’s creation and ask yourself if you are willing to sacrifice that for a few jobs. I hope and pray not.

David L. Biser


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