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May 1, 2014

Where is the daylight when we need it most? Don’t fall back

When the need is most for daylight, it’s gone. Think about this: The months of November, December, January, February and March, these are the dull dark days that we need more daylight.

In the year 2007, we were given an additional two months of more daylight. Still, we fall back when we really need more daylight.

Again, I ask you to give this your common sense thought:

Some legislators even suggested a two-hour change. The change would help in several ways — crime prevention, less electricity use, fewer accidents. It’s a safety and health issue.

Of course, the issue of school attendance and working hours becomes a topic of discussion.

For example, later starts for both school teachers and students would present a more rested and more receptive student and a more pleasant teacher.

I have had teachers tell me they considered buying pillows and helmets because they were afraid students would fall from their seats and be injured, especially in early morning classes.

This is a common-sense issue that I have talked to people in many states about the need for Daylight Saving Time all year around. Many support this project.

I ask you to support the people’s request. Let us set an example for the world. Never fall back!

Henry Roberson


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