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May 4, 2014

Texas Senate race shows not all Democrats are Democrats

I realize this is Maryland and it has no U.S. Senate race this year. In Texas there is a U.S. Senate race going on and the Democrats of Texas have a runoff because candidates didn't reach 51 percent.

This race is a very watched one. The race between Dr. David Alameel, a supporter of Franklin Delano Roosevelt,  and Kesha Rogers, a Lyndon LaRouche supporter.

In this race Kesha Rogers is not a real Democrat. The LaRouche movement that Kesha Rogers belongs too is an anti-freedom and pro-Marxist movement. She is a phony Democrat. What Democrats don't represent is Marxism. Marxism would do is rid people it doesn't agree with and seize people’s business.

It was these same LaRouche, who has disrespected the ideas of America that made it great. They even infiltrated many Tea Party groups across the country especially in Texas.

Her smile is so deceptive that even a large Tea Party group allowed her to debate and all this is in Texas the month before the Texas March 4 primary. Dr. David Alameel is the only Democrat and would have already been going onto Nov. 4 general election if 4 percent hadn't voted for Kesha Rogers.

My letter is not at all related to Maryland politics but as a warning to anyone who does not like Republicans and to all members of the Tea Party in the Cumberland area and surrounding counties and two states.

John M Davis

Arlington, Texas

Formerly of Cumberland

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