Cumberland Times-News

February 24, 2013

Garrett school board members asked not to be given a raise

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— The Garrett County Board of Education would like to clarify a recommendation made by the Salary Commission (“Garrett grants salary raises for sheriff, election board members,” Feb. 6 Times-News, Page 1A).

Members of the elected board of education approached the salary commission and requested not to be considered for a salary increase because of the dire financial situation of the county.  

Prior to the salary commission meeting, the board members decided not to ask for a salary increase for themselves due to the budget demands put upon the school system’s employees in the past several years.  

This letter was approved under the authority of Janet Wilson, Superintendent of Schools.

Cynthia Downton, president; Donald D. Forrester, vice president; and Thomas A. Carr; Charlotte A. Sebold and Rodney Reckart, associates, Garrett County Board of Education members.