Cumberland Times-News

June 22, 2013

They like to ask questions, but would rather not answer them

To the Editor:
Cumberland Times-News

— While the scandal with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeting conservative and Tea Party groups continues in the news, it should be pointed out what kind of disgrace this is to target conservatives like this just for their beliefs.

 With each developing scandal, the picture of an arrogant administration abusing its power grows clearer. The IRS is feared, loathed and resented. Thus, the IRS tends to attract all too many workers who are insensitive to the needs and problems of others, and some even enjoy being bullies.

The tax code is so complex that no individual can understands it, including those who work for the IRS.

The individuals in the IRS responsible for this criminal conduct need to be called to justice and punished for these misdeeds. I can attest myself that I been targeted recently by the IRS because of my conservative views, Tea party associations and letter writing.

The now-proven fact remains is that the IRS prefers to ask questions, but not answer them.

Al Eisner

Korea and Vietnam War veteran

Silver Spring